Solo Chicken Productions is dedicated to the creation of performances that are entertaining but also engaging and challenging for audiences.  The company had an initial focus on developing works of physically based theatre, including mask, puppetry and cabaret style works.  With the creation of the coop and the addition of contemporary choreographer Lesandra Dodson to the company, the focus has broadened to include the development of movement-based works.

The majority of the new works produced by Solo Chicken Productions would be categorized as artist devised work, where the artists and directors work together to generate the story, movement and text. Working to create new, engaging, stimulating performances that aspire to push the boundaries of theatre and encourage the audience to question what they are seeing. Solo Chicken Productions’ aim is to share stories that are entertaining, while exploring exciting and innovative means of story telling.

honouring yesterday


Honouring Yesterday uses theatre and music to honour the memories and past stories of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, and to celebrate our collective history as New Brunswickans. 


Engorged explores some of the most explosive themes of motherhood: birth, breastfeeding, superiority, loneliness and perfection, all viewed through the lens of physical performance and humour.


Rabbit-town was a heartfelt exploration of the meaning of memory, community and family.  A mother and her brood wait for a son to return home from war, the Rabbit-town Circus works out it kinks and the fate of the Chesnut Canoe Factory swells like a spring thaw all seen through the eyes of local hero and Maritime music legend, Aubrey Hanson.


Co-created by Sylvie Bouchard and Lisa Anne Ross, Feather & Bill is a family-friendly movement/clown piece incorporating dance and puppetry, which was performed as a part of a Series 8:08 evening at the Scotiabank Theatre (Pia Bouman Studio) in May of 2008 and was featured at the 2009 Cooking Fire Festival in Toronto.


Coop jump.jpg


The first full-length creation developed by Solo Chicken Productions was the original puppet musical Comfort & Cozy. The production used dance, shadow puppetry, movement, and text to tell the story of a girl whose insomnia provokes a fall from grace into a state of perpetual anxiety and fear.