A Record of Us is a physical exploration of what it means to be a New Brunswicker that fuses text and movement together in a series of living snap-shots.  Using the text of celebrated New Brunswick author David Adams Richards as the catalyst, the company has built a performance that evokes the raw beauty, the enduring humour and the hardscrabble realities of this province.

Solo Chicken Productions and The NotaBle Acts Theatre Company co-presented the coop’s inaugural work, A Record of Us, as the featured mainstage production at the 2016 NotaBle Acts Summer Theatre Festival. Performances took place at The Fredericton Playhouse, July 20-23 2016.  This co-production marked an exciting opportunity for both companies, whose mandates share the common goal of supporting the work of New Brunswick artists.  

The creation of A Record of Us began in the spring of 2015 when Lesandra Dodson and Lisa Anne Ross first launched the coop, which is a performance collective for professional artists to research, develop and perform original works of physical theatre while supporting the artistic growth of emerging NB artists through training and performance opportunities.  

A Record of Us was directed by Dodson, Ross and performed by the coop company members Jean-Michel Cliche, Alex Donovan, Ian Goff, Alexa Higgins, Lexi McCrae and newcomer Kira Chisholm, with lighting design by Jeff Fevens, and stage management from Brittany Long.