After the coop's formation in May 2015, the company began working on their inaugural full length work, A Record of Us.  The work was developed through an extended exploration process with creative residencies and community partnerships with the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, St. Thomas University, and a technical residency at the Fredericton Playhouse Theatre. The final performance, a main stage production in partnership with the Notable Acts Theatre Festival, gracefully launched the new company into the world. The company is currently training a new group of emerging artists and in the spring of 2017 will begin work on two new short works all in support of the coop's mandate of creation, and development of original works through meaningful experimentation, and curiosity.



'Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? She's a PIG.'  An exploration of anti-feminist rhetoric through visual art and movement.  Created by coop Co-Artistic Director Lisa Anne Ross in collaboration with GAG Visual Artist Danielle Hogan and featuring coop company members.


Directed by Lisa Anne Ross with choreography by Lesandra Dodson, this production is a new work of physical theatre that peeks into the sordid, lonely and occasionally hilarious minds of some of the world’s most nefarious characters.  



There is something nostalgic, tangible, and inherently human about the film noir genre. In "Pitch Black" we were curious to build a performance piece, which utilizes filmic suspense techniques, while portraying a series of dramatic scenes, inspired by real-life Hitchcock.


"Which is the greater treason: Treason to your country, or treason to your friends?"  Created by coop company members this work of physical theatre strives to shine a light on the unfair treatment of queer individuals in Canadian history.


Created and directed by Lesandra Dodson and Lisa Anne Ross the coop's inaugural work uses the text of celebrated New Brunswick author David Adams Richards as the catalyst, to build a collaborative performance that evokes the raw beauty, the enduring humour, and the hardscrabble realities of this province.