The Bridge

Mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary through an artistic interrogation, exploration and celebration of our past, present and future, by walking over the mighty Wolastoq via the walking bridge and take a metaphorical and literal journey through time.  On Friday September 8th 2017 (Rain Date Saturday September 9th) Solo Chicken Productions in creative partnership with a multitude of community groups, organizations and artists, will use the bridge as the conduit for a multi-media exploration of our history from 1867 to 2017.  The bridge will become a living time tunnel through which the audience will walk descending or ascending through our collective history.

A true community project, each moment on the walking timeline will be interrogated, explored and celebrated by a different group/artist through their own medium, be it music, film, dance, theatre, visual art, performance art or poetry.  Solo Chicken Productions, Lisa Anne Ross, playwright Ryan Griffith and Wolastoqiyik artist Natalie Sappier, acting as the key artistic team, are working collaboratively identifying key moments in time that will be expressed though the arts; the stories of the Indigenous people of this Territory, English, French and New Brunswick's rich culture of people. 

The BRIDGE PROJECT is meant to be, not just a celebration and recounting of historical facts, but an exploration and interrogation of that past from multiple and diverse perspectives.  A walk meant to help us see where we have come from and where we can go.