The 2017/2018 GROUNDWORK series, in co-production with the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, will continue its mission to offer new training workshops and approaches to artistic practices aimed at today’s contemporary performing artist. The first workshop in series features coop alum Jean-Michel Cliche who will be teaching - Introduction to Stage Combat. Discover how violence can help create dynamic stories on stage and screen. Learn the basic techniques needed to perform and direct believable and safe, falls, slaps, punches and more.

The second workshop in the series with Alanna Kraaijeveld, a Montréal based dancer, teacher is Technique for Every Body.  Alanna shared that this work is informed by her experience as an improviser, choreographic research collaborator, and through her encounters with Fighting Monkey (FM). “FM aims to nourish and restore movement patterns and mobility. Using these sources as a point of departure, workshop participants will examine and test tendencies and limitations, both individually and in partners, and nurture mental and physical potential through difficulty and danger.”

Award winning director, playwright, movement coach, Thomas Morgan Jones, will offer his expertise in our third workshop in Viewpoints training, inviting the performer/artist to notice what is already there and what is changing. Its focus is on elements of Time and Space and how we as theatre makers can interact with both.

 The last workshop offering, Tools for Creation with contemporary dancer, choreographer Sarah Power, will use Energy Medicine warm-up modules, intended to open up channels so that our energies can move more freely through the body and with more vitality.  This will be followed by a series of improvisations, a practice to help us listen more deeply for latent inner impulses. What is gathered from this practice will be made into a ‘palette’ from which to initiate movement, molding these into short choreographic phrases. 

Monday December 3rd Intro to Stage Combat with Jean-Michel Cliche

Sunday January 28th Technique for Every Body with Alanna Kraaijeveld

Monday February 26th Viewpoints with Thomas Morgan Jones
Sunday April 15th  Tools for Creation with Sarah Power


GROUNDWORK WORKSHOP SERIES at The Charlotte Street Arts Centre
            732 Charlotte Street – Auditorium (2nd Floor)
            7PM-10PM (Dates Below)
            $10/Workshop for Students/Under-waged
            $15/Workshop for Everyone Else