ENGORGED:  A One Woman Cabaret About Motherhood
Created & Performed by Lisa Anne Ross
Directed by Lesandra Dodson

Engorged is a one-woman cabaret that uses the endlessly mined comic gold of motherhood as the fodder for a hilarious and occasionally poignant one hour theatrical romp. The show was created and is performed by Solo Chicken Artistic Producer Lisa Anne Ross and is directed by renowned choreographer and dance artist, Lesandra Dodson, who balances Ross’ penchant for sequins with her trademark minimalism. 

Ross began work on the show shortly after the birth of her first child, imagining that all that sleeplessness should at least result in some comic gold. The piece is designed as a one-woman cabaret and hearkens back to her early work in Toronto as a regular on the cabaret circuit both hosting and performing. The show is hosted by, of course, a giant (and very tastefully costumed) vulva and includes five different pieces about motherhood that range from comedic monologues, to abstract movement to performance art. 

 The piece was originally conceived in Toronto with support from acclaimed feminist performance artist, Jess Dobkin. Lesandra Dodson joined the creative team in 2012 as the director and helped to shape the piece before it debuted at the Museum of Motherhood in New York City in May of 2012. Since that debut the piece was invited to be the Keynote Performance at the 2015 Women in Psychology Conference in Ottawa, ON and received a short run at The Black Box Theatre in Fredericton, NB.  For the Fredericton debut in June 2015, Chris Saad is joined the team as Technical Director and artist Penelope Stevens helped to co-conceive the shadow puppetry piece.

 Ross says that the piece is 5% serious and 95% silly and that although it’s all about motherhood it isn’t just for woman or mothers. It can be universally enjoyed because really, ‘It’s just a show about me and my shit.’




 “Hilarious. Moving. And also, absolutely hilarious.”
            - Thom Morgan Jones (Theatre New Brunswick)

Ross shows herself to be a master of comedic timing and improvisation.”
            - Sophie Lavoie (NB Media Co-op)

“This show makes me cry with happiness when I see it.”
            - Dr. Lynda Ross (Lisa’s Mom)

“Thanks to Ross for bringing this masterpiece into our space and letting us all laugh and cry together about the human condition.”
            - Lynn Cartner (Museum of Motherhood, New York City)