Solo Chicken Productions, in partnership with the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s ArtReach Program, students at George Street Middle School (GSMS) and the tenants of the low-income Social Development housing project, Evelyn Grove Manor, are working together to launch the EngAGEING Art Project. The project aims to bring together professional artists, youth from diverse cultural backgrounds and seniors to collaboratively create an original work that explores identity and belonging in New Brunswick.

From September 2017 – April 2018, Solo Chicken, ArtReach, GSMS and Evelyn Grove will work collaboratively to create a new work of physical theatre based on the life writings and experiences of the participants. The new work will be created and performed by the seniors of Evelyn Grove Manor and youth, including newcomer youth at GSMS. The final production will be presented at The Charlotte Street Arts Center auditorium.  While the final show marks the conclusion of the project it also marks a new beginning – the start of new a conversation about what it means to belong or to be excluded through time and place.

The EngAGEING Art Project aims to stimulate a cycle of knowledge sharing between youth and seniors and will work to foster the creation of a safe, intercultural and inter-generational environment where both community members and artists can exchange ideas, grow artistically and work together to break down barriers. The project is meant to create opportunities for the participants voices to be heard, to help them to re-engage with society on a meaningful level, to build mental and physical health, to provide meaningful programming to seniors and newcomer youth who face different and yet similar social and economic barriers. Through movement, writing and voice workshops, participants will practice new skills, while also collectively creating a vision to transform experiences of discrimination, loneliness and isolation.