Courtney Arsenault
Kira Chisholm
Samuel Crowell
Sydney Hallet
Amelia Hay
Dusytn Forbes
Alex Rioux


The coop corps is Solo Chicken’s physical theatre initiative, which is led by contemporary choreographer Lesandra Dodson and physical theatre artist Lisa Anne Ross that is focused on providing creative opportunities for professional artists and training and development opportunities for emerging artists.  The coop corps was launched in part to find creative ways to support the sustainability of the coop by providing another level of training for emerging artists where the focus wasn't primarily on production but rather on process.

The company held auditions in the Fall of 2016 and recruited a number of amazing, dynamic artists and will hold auditions again the Fall of 2018.   Put into formal words, the coop corps is a body of like-minded, determined, curious, young artists, committed to train together, support each other, and propel themselves to broaden their theatrical skills.  Members are offered creative opportunities, such as workshops with renowned guest teachers as well as in-studio research with coop co-artistic directors.  Dodson and Ross hope that the addition of a formal training series will ensure coop members receive focused training opportunities and that the company has space to develop a dynamic working relationship before they begin formally creating work together.