A key part of Solo Chicken Productions programming is rooted in community arts practice.  Over our history we have engaged in a number of long-term collaborative theatre arts projects that aimed to support our community partner as they shared their stories.  The company believes that collaborating with a community on an artistic project can strengthen and build communities, in a celebration of what makes that specific community unique. For Solo Chicken, community collaboration means engaging with a group of people and working together to celebrate that community’s unique voice, or collection of voices through artistic practice. By providing our skills as theatre practitioners and taking on the role of project facilitator, Solo Chicken members work alongside community members to foster and develop their stories into works of theatre performed by the community for the community.   Arts for everyone! 


On Friday September 8th, Solo Chicken Productions in collaboration with a multitude of artists and community organizations turned the Fredericton Walking Bridge into a living time tunnel that was an exploration of our shared history.



Solo Chicken heralded the development and facilitation of an annual six-week mask & puppetry program in Inukjuak, Nunavik that ran from 2004-2012.  Each year youth from the community would write, rehearse and perform an original show using masks and puppets to share their stories.


Solo Chicken, in partnership with the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, collaborated on the EngAGEING Art Project from September 2017 to April 2018. The project brought together professional artists, youth from diverse cultural backgrounds and seniors to collaboratively create an original work that explored identity, inclusion and belonging.


Beginning in 2012, Solo Chicken worked on a two-year long community arts celebration of the historic Fredericton neighbourhood of Rabbit-town, called the Animating Rabbit-town Project.  Projects including free workshops, a Christmas concert, walking tour and the creation of a blog.


From January to May 2016, The Charlotte Street Arts Centre and Solo Chicken Productions joined forces to launch the MOVING STORIES Project.  MOVING STORIES was a five-month long project that offered the youth of Fredericton’s Doone Street community the opportunity to share their stories and voices through theatre and art. 


The Spirit Project in collaboration with L’Arche Fredericton, is a year-long series of creative workshops in visual art, improv, movement, music and film for adults of ALL abilities. Running from April 2019 - April 2020, come join the ‘school of the heart’ where you will make new friends, foster your creative spirit and make know your gifts!